Value Others Above Yourselves

     Jesus had the best intentions and valued our lives above all else. He came to this earth, not to condemn it, but to save us. By his sacrifice, our birthrights were returned to God giving us the opportunity of entering Heaven. Life in Heaven is a true gift from God. A place he created for us to live painless, happy lives where there is no sin. Always remember this...only through Jesus will we get to the Father. That means we must believe the Son of God died for our sins, and God raised him from the dead. With this belief, confessing our sins and repenting, and seeking out God, we will make it to Heaven.

    I chose this topic today to further the point, that we must be like Jesus as much as possible. His teachings throughout the New Testament shows us how to act, to think, to display the light of God to others. In doing so, we must value others above ourselves.

     You might have heard the phrase "You need to take care of you and you only." Does that sound like something Jesus would have said? No way! This phrase is the way of the world and not of God. We need to have the best intentions in everything we do. 

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves." - Philippians 2:3

     Our actions need to be studied daily. Are we living for others, using our words and actions to benefit others...or to benefit ourselves? In everything we do, literally say to yourself that famous 90's saying "What Would Jesus Do?" Be honest with yourself and truly dig deep to find out who you value more in life. If you value yourself over all others, then you are not living for Jesus. 

     In my personal life, my grandmother has mastered this life lesson that Jesus has taught us. Her entire life has been devoted to helping everyone else around her. Growing up, my family had financial troubles with every penny made going to bills and the rest of the debt going on credit cards. As babies, she would babysit all the grandkids so her children could work. When Christmas time came, it was my grandmother and aunt who purchased presents for my mother to give us on Christmas Eve and morning so we wouldn't be empty handed. Anytime she came over for a visit, she had bags of groceries for us so we could have meals throughout the week. Every new school year, my aunt and grandmother would take my brother and I to buy new clothes and shoes. Not once did she complain, not once did she ask to be paid back. These are just a handful of things she did for one of her daughters with two grandkids. She has six kids and numerous grandchildren that she would constantly place above her needs. Now...who do you think she valued more, herself or others. My grandmother is a perfect example of how humanity is suppose to be. Filled with love, sharing Jesus and his message, valuing every one else above her self, and making everyone she comes in contact feel happy, overcome with laughter (she is a funny lady!) and most importantly...loved.

     Start evaluating your decisions tonight when going to bed. If you ever manipulating someone for your own gains, stop it. If you only care about yourself, change your ways. Study the New Testament and learn from the life of Jesus on how we are to live on this earth. 

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