Chapter by Chapter Bible Summaries - Genesis Chapter 13

     Genesis Chapter 13, we find Abram and his nephew Lot extremely wealthy in livestock, silver, and gold. Together, they left Egypt traveling from place to place until they reached the altar Abram built in Bethel. Bethel means "House of God" and Abram was coming back to show his commitment to God and to call out to Him. 

     Abram and Lot's herders began to argue because the land could not support all of the livestock they each owned. So Abram decided it was time they split up from one another so that the arguing would cease and the livestock could have plenty to live off of. 

     If you look deeper into this, you will notice what actually happens here. Abram and Lot essentially chose their possessions over each other. Their livestock meant more to them than being with their family. Having the title of wealthy meant more than being around loved ones. Take a second to to imagine how much the story of the bible would have changed if Lot and Abram decided to donate a portion of their possessions that they didn't need and stayed together, where iron can sharpen iron in terms of wisdom. Lot would not have lived within the wickedness of Sodom and most importantly, (Spoiler alert!) Lot's wife certainly would not have died at Sodom when she turned around to see the carnage and destruction of the city! Lot's entire life was altered when he and Abram decided their possessions were more important to them than staying together with family. Have you had to make a decision like this in your life? Did you choose family/friends or did you decide your possessions were more worthy? That's why every decision needs to be carefully thought out.

     Back to the scripture, we find out Lot was given first pick of which side of the land he wanted. Lot looked around and chose the Jordan Valley, an area near the wicked city of Sodom, because of its plentifulness in water for his livestock. Sodom and Gomorrah have not been destroyed at this time and both cities were driven by sin. This left Abram to live in the land with the Canaanites in Hebron.

God tells Abram:

"Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever." - Genesis 13:14-15

     So God reaffirms that the land Abram sees will belong to Abram's descendants. Remember, Abram does not have children yet but he is being told he will have so many descendants such as the stars in the night sky. Having descendants was a huge deal during these times. It was a way to leave your mark in the world. Today, descendants are still important to us but now we focus more on the impact we make in terms of work, accomplishments, and the lasting memories we leave others with.  

     I hope you enjoyed this post! As you can see, a short chapter of the bible can actually contain a lot more information than we know. That's why studying the bible chapter by chapter is so important because of the messages held within. Much like the messages we see in Genesis Chapter 13, discovering what we value more in life, making right the decisions, and the chain reaction that occurs due to our decisions.

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