Hurricane Florence

Credit: CNN Website

     As I write this blog post, Hurricane Florence's eye, the strongest winds, prepares to make landfall in the Carolinas, United States. The storm is now a Category 2 with storm surges being the worst part for the coastline. Streets are already flooded deep enough to use a canoe and will get deeper. This storm is going to cause enormous amounts of fear, stress, and financial strains to those in it's path.

Credit: CNN Website

     I ask that you take this moment and pray that God helps all those affected by Hurricane Florence. Ask that he provides comfort for those in fear. For angels to be at the side of every brother and sister to keep them safe from all harm. Pray for the county electricians,  emergency responders, and healthcare workers that God works through them and gives them strength to help all in need. Also, for those who go back to damaged homes, pray that the insurance companies cover all the costs so the homeowners do not become financially burdened.

Credit: CNN Website

     There is power in prayer...and right now thousands of people need God and Jesus to weather this storm. 

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