Christian Movies

     There are a bunch of really great Christian movies out there. You have the classics like The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur.  I like some of the more recent movies, such as Facing the Giants.

     Facing the Giants is a Christian movie about a football coach that has a lot of things going wrong in his life. He has a car with mechanical issues; he’s trying to have a baby with his wife, and several other things going on. It’s an underdog story about this school that hasn’t won many games in a while. I won’t go into too much detail so you can check the movie out yourself and see what happens.

     Another recent Christian Movie I liked is God's Not Dead. I really enjoyed this film about a college professor who is an atheist trying to get all his students to sign a document saying “God is dead” to pass. One student refuses to sign the document and must debate the teacher as to why God exists. 

     One film I really want to see is I Can Only Imagine. I just completed a Bible Study about this and it’s made me want to see it even more.

     What’s your favorite Christian Movies? Do you have any recommendations for others to watch? Comment below or on instagram @christianpalsblog

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