My Blessings Series: How God is Impacting My Life - Part 2


     God has impacted my life in several tremendous ways recently. I have been praying for God to bless me with another job since around October of last year. I have been praying and seeking God’s guidance and direction for a job where I could grow and develop in whatever ways He saw fit. I thought that job would be in the legal field in the big city somewhat close to where I live.
     I had a job interview last November at a place that was my dream job. It was a Federal Government job at a courthouse. I prayed to God well before the interview that I’d praise Him if I got the job and I’d praise Him if I didn’t. It turned out I didn’t get the job. I praised God and knew He had a better and bigger plan for me. I kept praying and applying for jobs.
     I went on several more interviews at other courthouses. A friend of mine works at a major cellphone provider’s headquarters and asked if I’d be interested in working there. I never considered working in a non-government job but thought I’d give it a try while waiting to hear back from another courthouse position. I prayed to God and told him “Lord if this is where You want me, give me a sign.” I ended up getting an email from this cellphone provider to take an online assessment test. I took the test and was then contacted for a phone interview. The phone interview went well and they requested an in-person interview. I was still praying to God to bless me with whatever job he wanted me to get.
     I attended the in-person interview and liked what I heard and saw from this cellphone company. I finally got a call from the courthouse job and they apologized for the delay but still didn’t have an answer. I told them I was no longer interested and to remove me from consideration. I could hear the shock in their reaction. They asked me why I was no longer interested. I told them I had another job offer and I accepted it. Keep in mind I didn’t have an official offer yet. God was telling me I would be getting this job. 
     A few days later I got the call and was offered the job. I happily accepted it. Fast forward to a few months later and this job is better than my dream job. This job is the job that God had pre-picked for me! Not only do I have countless career growth opportunities but this company is paying for me to go back to school and get my Masters in Business Administration. That’s right, I’m going for my Master’s Degree for FREE! I never thought I’d be going back to school, let alone having my employer pick up the tab! Not even my dream job would pay the entire bill! 

     God knows what’s best for us. Listen to Him when He speaks to you. If you would have told me last year I would be working in a non-government job and getting a Master’s in Business Administration free of charge in 2018, I’d say you were crazy. I’m glad I listened to God and didn’t get discouraged when I didn’t land my dream job. This job is better than my dream job. It’s God’s dream job for me. I praise him for blessing me with this opportunity. Not only did I get a job but God is blessing me with an opportunity to go back to school and get another degree. This degree will open more doors and opportunities for me in the future. I hope this post encourages everyone who’s been praying for their dream job, house, car, etc. Listen to God and don’t be discouraged, if what you thought was your dream scenario gets altered. Look at my situation and how much better it turned out!

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