Actions Speak Loud!

     As I'm writing this, the NFL Draft is on and it makes me think how many of the guys that walk across the stage and say “first and foremost I want to thank God” actually mean it? Do they really mean it or are they just saying it because that's what their agent wanted or just to be like the others? That’s why I want to look at just a few of the more outspoken Christians in sports.

     One of the first that come to mind is a former coach and current analysis Tony Dungy. Through all his years of coaching I heard more players talk about how he was a man of God first and a coach second. You never heard about him screaming and cursing at his players.

     You also hear about several different quarterbacks in the league from guys that had to work from a bag boy to becoming a Super Bowl winning quarterback in Kurt Warner. He credited God with his ability to overcome obstacles and making such a great career in the NFL. Tim Tebow is another one that comes to mind. An instant success in college with the Florida Gators, to have struggles in the NFL, to playing baseball; he has always given God the glory and even helps with mission trips to other countries.

     Even some of the most feared players on the field were a man of God. One was known as the minister of defense, the late Reggie White. He was a very outspoken Christian going back to his days in college and an ordained minister. 

     So...It's not necessarily what you say but what you do off the field throughout your life that people recognize. 

What are you doing "off the field" that people are seeing?  What can you do to change that and bring God & Jesus to the forefront in people's lives? Feel free to share in the comment section below. We would love to hear back from our readers! 

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